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For a seaman - child of the famous naval city of Galaxidi, the source of inspiration cannot be anything despite the sea. It takes the lead in Minas' landscape painting that portray Galaxidi.His love for his place is revealed by his disposal for wrapping it with the veil of myth.

The identification of the artist with his work, lends in the Popular Art of all humanity character. The artworks of Minas' are distinguished for their naturalism, vivdness, in detail rendering and imagination, all traits naif-drawing. However, the bigger virtuosity of Minas Galaxidiotis is his designing precision, acquired from the drawings with pen nib. This virtue of his art is more obvious in the drawing of boats that show his love for the sea.

Therefore, in the aesthetic frame of History and tradition and not only in the aesthetic frame can anyone evaluate and enjoy the work of Minas'. And this, indubitably, is richness for the cultural heritage of country.

Chrissa Damianaki-Romero

Professor of History of Art,

University of Letse, Italy

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