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The love in the objects is the painting of Minas. This thematic is a characteristic trait of genuine artistic expression, that in its development gives great opportunities, as in Florentian Paoylo Oytsello, who loved Holland, and with the hard work and the ambition that characterized him, became the founder of Faculty of Florence, with the result of the leading figure of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Certain artists remain independent, pure and sincere with what they ideally love, as Minas does, in an epoch of aesthetic oppositions without aspirations.

I remember in Paris, where in the past few years I visited familiar galleries to me, I asked a gallerist, how goes modern painting (abstraction). At that time in his gallery the artwork of a careful painter that loved the art a lot and knew well his work was exposed. He answered me that at that time the modern, abstract art was sinking. We now have the need of painters that love and know well their work, they do not have any complex feeling about projecting reality and this justifies the direction of Minas'.

In (modern) abstract art, sometimes we had painting excibitions from actors, chemists, psychiatrists, with small degree of professional conscience. Some people in our days destroying the work of art, they enjoy as new work the result of destruction.

Sokrates in the end of his life says to us in “Faidona” or “About Soul”, that philosophy, the music and the other arts have for their inspiration the same Muse.

Art was always a way of searching of truth. Seferis says: “The art legislates” and Nietzsche that the aesthetics is the ethics of future. This is why all powers embraced aesthetics in order for them do be served by it and also from art the powers are characterized. The better stain of culture of various seasons is art. When a young person does not have a tutor in art, his love to the persons and to the homeland comes out in the surface, and also attends the ideals of his prison, as Theofilos teaches us. The importance of subject elects thus the peoples' artist.

However examining the work of Minas we can characterize it popular but also modern. The hard work of artist and the genuineness of his art will be appreciated from the historian of art, because up to now with his expositions of his artwork he presents an intense professional presence and activity.

One way or the other his drawing way is completely independent and personal. Today Minas is justified for the search of the painting truth with his own way, because we do not have one ideal of art, that at least most of us would agree on it. Thus the world retires by art more and more every day.

Theotokopoylos, even if he used to say that art is a personal feat, himself was open to accept effects, as in the colour of painitng - Titsianos, in composition - Tintoreto, in lumination – Byzantium, as mental sensitivity that characterized him he prefeared the light of his soul instead of the light of sun, this makes him the best in Europe.

Today somepeople ended up saying that art died and they subsidise football more despite of art.

We lend these examples from the history of art and from real life in order to vindicate the course of Minas. The role of art clearly appears in it. From the Theocracy of Egypt to the democracy of ancient Greeks, with the plastic growth of art, in the Byzantium with the graphic expression of high, instead of beautiful, in the Rebirth Tzioto took the person from the seventh metaphysical sky of golden background and brought him in the ground to realise the objective values of this epoch.

In the current season, with the apotheosis of particularity and individuality, it is difficult for the experience of artists to be added up and be transported in newest generations, because there is no agreement between us and we cannot create one ideal, as in Ancient Greece.Minas' art is examined by the History of Art or the Sociology? It will depend from his development. From having an identity of a person who was raised at Galaxidi to gain a universal identity with characteristics from all around the world. He has the potential.

Thanassis Stefopoylos


Former Professor of Faculty of Bakalo

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