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G.Minas devoted to the painting and thus quickly the needs of work and his passion for it led him to the decision to be dedicated exclusively in his work. He travelled abroad many times and get to know better and studied the big Painting in the Museums and the excibitions. At the same time he read and studied the history of Art. He is good acquaintance of the Greek and newer Greek Art.

All this multiannual effort in conjuction with his unappeased passion for Painting and the knowledge have shaped a figurative artist that allocates apart from his work a wide artistic education and personality that helps deep in the development of work. I do not want to mention extensively in his personal expressive property, because this letter is addressed to colleagues that have big experience and knowledge in order for them to distinguish and appreciate these characteristics. My estimate is that the overall artistic work of G.Minas is personal, qualitative and absorbs successfully characteristics of the newer Greek painting with elements of popular tradition.

The consequence and the internal development of his work reveal a correct comprehended professionalism. Finally I unconditionally propose his classification and his registration as member of Figurative Chamber Greece.

Yours faithfully,

Giorgos Charbalias,

Painter Director of program of Postgraduate Study A.S.K.T.

Assistant Professor A.S.K.T.

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