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It often happens when we came confronted for the first time with the work of new painter to feel a pleasant surprise. They are the tables opposite us that capture the look offering an aesthetic enjoyment, schematic and chromatic. You suddenly feel that you have discovered something new, an infrequent talent currently evolving, with predestinated future.

These were the thoughts I made when in 1991, in Galaxidi, I came in contact with the work of Giorgos Minas in his same space, in his graphic coastal restaurant “The Old Liotrivi”. At that time he was not there with me. I impressed my thoughts in a short report of mine for the the edition 46-47 of the “Tetramina” magazine.

15 years have passed from then. Minas did not prove me wrong (it wouldn't be possible). Watching his work, his individual exibitions - one superior of other - with new work, with new “revealing” elements of his art that betray the style and the morals of artist and they make him differentiat and distinguish in the crowd. Giorgos Minas noiseless and effortlessly, with the experience and the inspiration that never was absent to him, brings down each time his own records in front of his crowded and continuously increasing public.

Minas inaugurates the new 21st century. With his exibition in neoclassical building of D.E.P.A. in the Pasalimani of Piraeus. Subject: `2004 ' Painting the Olympic Anthem (oil in timber or in canvas) that offers him the golden Olympic medal. For the handing-over the anonymous crowd of his spectators is called. Recently, in November 2005, he realises one more exibition in the Cultural Centre of Municipality Heraklion Attica with a lot of his new work. And follows one continuity of surprises.

Conclusion:Sometimes all Greece, but also Europe and the world will speak for Giorgos Minas and his work. We forecast it and we also wish it to him. Because he deserves it.

Drosos Kravartogiannos,

“En Delfois”, edition 46-47

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