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When we where small children and played carefreely under naval gates of old Liotrivi of Galaxeidi, when little Giorge used to show us his first samples of painting, I could not imagine the talent that was hidden deep inside him.

While reading back then with him entire books of comics it was not possible for us to believe, that it was himself the one that illustrated them. Giorgos grew up and got down to other occupations, but did never forget painting.

Through his marvellous work springs up his particular love for the sea and Galaxeidi.

Genuine continuer of another big painter and our fellow-citizen, Spyros Vasileiou, George Minas did not stop to immortalize with his own way the houses, the streets, the neighborhoods and shores of Galaxidi, the caiques, old sailing-boats and eminent akroprora of our Naval Museum but also other beloved spectacles of his.

I wish to my friend George to continue his ascendant course in the painting with success and to receive the best reviews and remarks upon his work that is going to be exhibited in his 1st individual excibition in the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, that begins on 14 November 2001.

Loykas Gouldas,

Childhood friend

  George Minas © 2008