The Old Liotrivi was build in 1800. The Greek Civilization Ministry has recognized this building as a scheduled building from 1985. It functioned as oil-press from 1930 to 1963, under the management of George Prokalamos, grandfather of the current owner, the painter George Minas.

Its building was done with the use of stone, precisely next to the sea. In the years of his operation is also included the difficult period of German Possession. That was when in the nights with very little light it continued to work in order to help those people that (obviously or concealedly) used to gather the fallen olives from the earth in order for them to survive.

Today the traditional oil-press (Liotrivi) has been changed in a calm, serene place for coffee or titbits, where Giorgos Minas exposes his drawing work. In the room of Liotrivi someone can enjoy unique flavours from the hands of the householder, the painter Giorgos Minas. Risotto with seafoods, garidopita and local dishes, as ntolmades, kelemia, pies as well as big variety of seafoods and meats compose a unique tasty experience.

In the jetty of Liotrivi the dinner and/or the dinner that the visitors enjoy are completed with aromatic coffee, sweet or ice-cream, looking faraway the old harbour of Chirolakas. The days where you can find Liotrivi open are: Friday-Saturday-Sunday, holidays and daily the summer months.

Phone: 22650-41781 – Mob: 6973038753

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